Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rejuvenated with fresh and groovy new title.

Really, I thought the title must be reorganised and at the same time it should adapt the blog content. So here again with the modified heading. Blog address names as 'Wings Of Web', all these days we kept it as WOW, not so cheeky I guess; earlier today renaming was done to 'A Scrabble Impressions Of Mind'. Theme remains the same - personal blogging - and all the words are expressed right away from the mind without any hesitation to be made. There have been huge impacts on my lifestyle from around the people I have spent my time so far. I'll be hoping to continue to spell my thoughts into expressions that one day finding myself to see On Top Of The World.


  1. So wht happnd again.....its been a month ..and still no post/??/

  2. I'll try to continue buddy !!!